For an emergency is any serious medical problem (chest pain, seizure, bleeding), any type of fire (business, car, building), any life-threatening situation (fights, person with weapons, etc.) or to report crimes in progress. 
Please dial 9-1-1 immediately.
Then call me via the landline. My number is speed dial 1.
Snow / Snow Storm
If there is a snow forecasted for the area, please plan your day accordingly. 
We have contractor plowing and sanding the parking lot and community roads. It usually will be done by the early morning or after the snow. Please let me know if you see delay of plowing. 
We have Flashlight, Tire Traction Tools and Shovel prepared in the mud room.
For Tire Traction Tool,
If your car stuck in the snow, and you could try with the shovel and the traction tool.
If you failed, you can call the company below for 24hr Roadside Assistance.
Killington Auto Repair and Towing
The emergency parking area for the community is located on Timber Hawk Road (at the first open clearing on the right, marked by two wooden posts). The area can be used when a car cannot make it up the road during a storm.
Power Outage
Normally, the house will automatically switch to PowerWall, and you will still have lights on and internet connection. I will contact you via message or the landline in the house.
The power normally resumes after couple hours.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
There is a water container in the kitchen closet. Feel free to use it during the power outage.
Please turn off any unnecessary lights and devices, and use the propane heaters to heat up the house.
Please do not leave the basement door open, when you turn up the temperature on the basement propane heater, it can heat up the upper floor through the floor registers.
Propane Heater in Living Room
Propane Heater in Living Room
Propane Heater in Basement
Propane Heater in Basement
If you lose internet connection, feel free to call me via the landline in the house if you need anything. Long-press for speed dial 1 will call me directly. 
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