1. Please make sure you pre download the map for the surrounding area, cell signal is not reliable here.
2. Try to arrive during daylight, it will help you find the way or any potential help.
3. There are two cities around, best for gas, food, or grocery,
Rutland, VT or West Lebanon, NH.
4. If you come from NY/NJ/Rutland, you will go along US-4 E, then VT-100 N. If you come from Boston/West Lebanon, you will go along I-89 N, exit 3 to Bethel, follow VT-107 W, then VT-100 N.
5. The Home address is
485 Cedarwood Rd, Stockbridge, VT 05772 or you can search "Bent Tree Vermont". If you are using Google Map for direction, make sure you keep drive to the pin even when the direction ends. You should see "52 Bent Tree" above the front door.
6. After you enter our community, please make sure you are driving under 20 mph, and watch out for people, pets, or any wild animals. 
7. In a bad weather or for a sedan, please look out at the turn onto Cedarwood Rd,
the ground is not even
8. Parking is in front of the house,
maximum 3 cars. We shared the parking area with our neighbor, so please be respectful to park only half of the space. 

9. For more than 3 cars or the cars cannot make the road, you could use the park-N-ride at the intersection of VT-107 and VT-100. It allows overnight parking.
Please away double-check the picture before you approach the house.
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